May 1, 2013


Over the weekend, we took a break from the craziness that is life & went for a hike with my parents. We drove to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area & hiked around the game lands for about 2 hours.

Mom found this cool tree. If I were smaller, I would have tried climbing in!

It wasn't an overly strenuous hike, although there was some hill climbing. Mostly, it was just nice to be out in the fresh air to clear our heads & refresh for the upcoming week.

The view from the top was decent - it would have been much better on a clear day! The guide book said that when we reached the top there was a log bench to rest & take in the scenery. It truly was a log "bench" - a tree fell over & someone decided to leave it there for people to sit on. :-)

About midway through the hike, we came across the ruins of an old building (the chimney was still standing!) & this crumbling spring house. We could actually walk inside & see the water that was captured.

Part of the hike was on the old trolley rail bed. The ties had all decomposed, but the path was still full of rocks & very flat & straight. It followed the stream, so we enjoyed listening to the water & watching it flow.

We're hoping to make these Sunday afternoon hikes a permanent thing. Since we haven't been getting away as often as I'd like, we can at least bring the getaways closer to home!

Any recommendations for an interesting hike in the Harrisburg/Lebanon/Lancaster area? We're up for some new hikes!


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