January 27, 2012

Vermont: Day 3

There was a layer of white on the ground on Wednesday morning so we were back out skiing!

I bundled up cause it was COLD!! 

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes, homefries, cantaloupe, & a banana...

...with wild berry tea. 

All you could see was our noses.

The Bup was much more confident today. He kept up with me on every run. Skiing was a little icy but it was fast & fun. At least for everyone but Dad...he took a tumble & wrenched his already injured back. After lunch Mom drove him back to the b&b to rest up so that he'll be able to ski tomorrow. 

 After the cold skiing, I was ready for a hot dinner! We started with a very flavorful vegetable barley soup.

Next was salad.

And then a vegetable (onion, mushroom, broccoli) quiche with black bean salsa & mini hashbrowns. The quiche was fantastic, but massive! I couldn't quite finish mine so the Bup helped me out.

I had to leave room for dessert - raspberry blondies. They had chocolate chips on top. Normally I don't like the raspberry/chocolate combo, but these were far enough apart that I really liked it.

After dinner we settled down by the fire to watch a movie before getting ready for another day of skiing!

January 26, 2012

Vermont: Day 2

It rained overnight so the conditions for skiing on Tuesday weren't great. We decided to go touring around the area.

Breakfast was delicious again, with apple pancakes, homefries, apple slices & pineapple. 

Dad fueled up with the "Big Sandwich," complete with grilled ciabatta bread, 2 eggs, potato, corned beef hash & swiss cheese.

Mom was on the lookout for quilt shops, & this was the first one we saw. It was closed, so we kept searching.

We stopped at the King Arthur Flour Baker's Store & Cafe. They had a huge selection of flours & other grains, plus tons of baking supplies.

I was really tempted by the spreads, but decided to try to find some recipes to make them at home.

The Bup found pizzelle mix! He & Dad have their own secret recipe, so he was comparing ingredients. 

Their bakery display was really tempting. Maybe if we hadn't just eaten our weight in breakfast we would've tried something. :-)

Our next stop was at the Hen House Fabric shop. Mom was excited...the rest of us just tagged along.

She bought these pretty fabrics to make a table runner.

After the fabric shopping, we stopped at the Simon Pearce gallery & shop.

Everything was gorgeous & super pricey.

The first floor used to host glass blowing sessions for people to watch, but it was washed out in the recent flooding. We saw a video instead. The techniques are really cool!

They have an attached restaurant with a glass enclosed patio. The dam below was full of ice blooms.

Even the covered bridge was washed out by the flood, the water came up so high!

Dad really wanted to go to the Quechee Gorge so that was our next stop. The lady inside the welcome center said we weren't to take the walk to the vista because the conditions weren't safe with all the ice.

I noticed a winery shop across the street from the gorge, so we checked that out.

The Charlotte Village Winery had a nice selection of wines. Their main attraction is a series of blueberry wine - dry, semi-sweet & dessert wines, all made from blueberries grown on their property.

My favorite was the Peach Blossom, a combination of chardonnay & peach wines.

Next up, we stopped at the Sugarbush Farm. The horses were outside, enjoying the warmer weather.

An authentic "Vermont Cowch." Haha!!

They had an impressive cheese selection. I really liked the Hickory & Maple Smoked Cheese, but each one we tasted was full of flavor.

They package their cheese by wrapping it in foil & then dipping it in wax. The process allows it to be stored & shipped without refrigeration.

I tried the Vermont Maple Seltzer & was amazed!

100% pure filtered & carbonated maple sap! It was like drinking subtly sweet maple fizzy water. Refreshing & interesting. I wish they sold it around us!

Our final stop was the Long Trail Brewing Co., home of the eco-brew.

They have a self-guided tour room where we were able to watch them packaging & bottling the Blackbeary Wheat beer. My favorite! 

We each order a sampler platter that included their 5 year-round beers & the winter beer, Hibernator.

I love that they bring them out in a cupcake tin!

In order of favorite to least favorite: 1, 5, 2, 3, 4, 6.

So serious.

Mom also ordered the Coffee Stout & a mini-sample of the Triple Bag (delicious!!) & the Centennial Red.

After all those tastings, we weren't really hungry for dinner, but Roger cooked such a good meal that we managed to finish every bite!  

First up -  Cream of Broccoli soup followed by a small salad tossed with a light vinaigrette.

 The main course was manicotti with garlic bread & warm cabbage salad. I LOVED the salad, so Roger told me how he made it. He takes shredded cabbage & ribbons of carrot, lightly sautes them in olive oil, & then tosses it with salt, pepper, garlic & Parmesan. He said that he also makes it with soy sauce, when eaten with a different combo of foods. I can't wait to make it at home!

 Dessert was baked apples with granola filling & French vanilla ice cream drizzled with maple syrup.

It was a great day, but I was stuffed!!!!

January 25, 2012

Vermont: Day 1

We got in to the Swiss Farm Inn on Sunday night after 7 hours in the car.  

After a great night's sleep, we were ready to get out skiing!

Maybe I should call this eating day 1...

Breakfast was amazing! I had the raspberry peach stuffed French toast with a mini blueberry muffin, home fries & tea. It was served up with real maple syrup, typical of Vermont.

 After a morning of skiing & fog, we stopped at the K1 lodge for lunch. I had a PB&J using Peanut Butter and Co. Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter. Delicious!

 We did some intense skiing in the afternoon(the Bup did his first 2 black diamonds today!), then returned to the b&b for a hot shower & some apricot brandy to warm up.

Dinner was wonderful! Roger, one of the owners of the bed & breakfast, does the cooking. He was happy to cook vegetarian meals for us, so I was really excited to see what he would prepare! Monday's soup was a curried corn and apple soup. I'd like to recreate this at home. It was subtly sweet with a great curry flavor.

The salad was dressed with Roger's signature Parmesan vinaigrette.

For the main dish, we had veggie stir fry with rice. I liked that the veggies kept their crispness & there were more veggies than rice, which isn't usually the case.

Just in case we weren't full yet...dessert! We had raspberry crumb cake a la mode.

 I went to bed with a happy belly & the anticipation of more delicious food & days of skiing.
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