December 14, 2013

Tasty Tidbits

Driving through PA farmland last weekend. The clouds were so cool!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I'm sharing a pic of myself as a toddler that I found in my parents' photo album. The pic itself is pretty funny/scary, but then when you read the caption it really is: "Rodney the Reindeer Attempted Abduction." Sure am glad I didn't actually get taken! That would have been a very bad Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend! Only 11 days until Christmas!

Here's what we've been eating in the last week:

  • Banana Mocha Green Smoothies
  • Peanut butter granola
  • Ashley's GF Cranberry Lemon Oat Waffles - These were delicious! They are denser than what you would get at a restaurant, but I wish restaurants sold stuff like this instead. They're full of flavor & healthy, too!
  • Honey wheat bread toasted with almond butter & cranberry butter
  • Adrianna's Gingerbread Pancakes - I modified the recipe a bit by using half the sugar & a mis of spelt, oat & brown rice flours. They were still light & fluffy with lots of spiced flavor. They reheated well in the toaster, too.
  • Bananas + pb

Christmas with family/friends
  • Pita chips with hummus
  • Blue corn chips with dip
  • Baked pasta with tomato sauce & chopped spinach
  • Green salad

  • Sauteed veggie medley - onions, carrots, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, & zucchini
  • Roasted sweet potato fries
  • Sandwich for W
  • Tortilla pizza for me
  • Baked Potato & Zucchini Latke
  • Green salad
  • Tomato soup
  • Grilled cheese
  • Roasted butternut squash
Dinner at Mom & Pops' (choir night)
  • Whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • Green salad
  • Girls' night!



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