April 13, 2012

Easter Lambs

Cuteness: Look at that face! So precious.

Pain: We met this lamb on Easter at my grandparents' farm. It got trampled by the other sheep & has an injured leg, so it has to stay up in the barn.

Kindness: They're bottle feeding it since it's been separated from its mom.

Joy: It is the sweetest little lamb! It hobbled around & kept moving to the sunniest spot it could find.

Bright & colorful: Mommom's tulips were in bloom & they're gorgeous!

Stinky: Digging manure. They filled 2 bags for our gardens.

Beauty: The barns, so big against the blue sky.

Spotted: All the sheep, strewn about the pasture.

Lost & found: Another lamb, almost left outside overnight, was rescued & brought into the warm barn.

Lesson learned: This is the best way to enjoy lamb on Easter. Just look at those adorable faces! And for your viewing pleasure, available for purchase, is this.

1 comment:

  1. Aw, their little faces are so cute! I agree, this is the best way to enjoy lamb on Easter! :)


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