April 2, 2012

New Growth

In early March, before we left for Florida, I planted the first seeds for our 2012 garden!

We could barely see anything before we left, but in the short time we were gone, everything took off.

Above: sugar snap peas...I think they're the prettiest of the bunch!


And more onions! I bought a scoop of yellow & a scoop of red onion sets. It only cost about $1 at the store, so I thought I might not have bought enough. But no, I have some leftover after planting enough to fill half of a garden bed.

The rhubarb came up all on it's own! I guess that means I should finish off the last 2 packs in the freezer from last year...

Baby mixed greens. I can't wait to have lettuce for days. Mmmmmmm!

Not shown, we have baby jalapeno pepper plants growing inside. Mom also started tomato plants for us & they're growing quickly. I can't wait for all the fresh veggies!


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