June 6, 2012

What's Growing Now, Early June

It's time for an update on our garden. It's crazy how much it grew in the last couple weeks!

Strawberries! We're getting about a quart a day & eating them just as fast.

Best eaten straight off the vine, while they're still warm from the sun.

Black raspberries, on their way to ripe! I can't wait.

Grapes, finally recovering from their fight with some little black bugs.

Cucumber plants, finally popping up. A few stray potato & tomato plants made their way to the edges here. We have some seriously crazy huge potato plants in the bed next to this one. We planted purple, white, & red potatoes. Let's hope this year I don't get stung while digging them!  

Onions of enormous proportions! I've never had them get so big! Also, those little green plants to their right are jalapenos. They got off to a rocky start with bugs, but they survived!

Lettuce & more lettuce. We've been eating HUGE salads. As in, we each use a large serving bowl to eat out of & it's filled to the brim. I'm just channeling my inner rabbit. :-D

Sugar snap peas. It's a good thing that we doubled the height of the fence this year.

Kale, carrots (hidden), turnips, radished, bok choy, spinach, & red beets. Don't even ask why I planted all of them in the same bed. Remember what they looked like last time you saw them?

They seemed so innocent...all fitting so nicely in their rows. But no longer!

This is a slightly different angle of my view from the kitchen window. You can see our old windows in a pile there in the back. The new windows are great & I can't wait for the sun-room area to be done!

Tomatoes, with kale (from last year) in the back ground. We're trying a new support system this year. My parents have been using this for awhile with success, so we're copying them. You place stakes in the corners of the patch, then stretch chicken wire across for them to grow up through. The chicken wire supports the branches so that they don't droop when the tomatoes begin to grow. We have 2 tiers up now, & will probably add a third once they grow taller.

Our patch needed 2 lengths of wire, side by side. They've almost all grown through the first layer, & the plant in the top middle of the pic is starting through the second layer already!

Not pictured: arugula, brussels sprouts, more lettuce & spinach, zucchini, more tomatoes, blueberries, peaches, rhubarb, & squash.


  1. I think soon you will need to get your own farm stand at the farmer's market! So much produce!

  2. Your garden looks so great (again), you're really your mother's daughter! :P


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