November 10, 2012

Tasty Tidbits

I seriously can't resist this tiny bundle of fur. She is truly a terror around the house & my hands are covered in little scratches, but I can't even stay mad at her!

She was so content, cuddled down in the blanket. Then I wanted to take her picture & she got all grumpy.

It was a busy week & next week is looking even busier. Deep breaths; it's going to fly by!

 This fall weather is gorgeous. Get out & enjoy the crisp, cool air. Have a great weekend everyone!

Here's what we've been eating in the last week:


  • Leftovers
  • Sandwiches
  • Brown rice with peanut sauce & steamed kale
  • Panera Bread for a lunch date! (Tomato Soup & Salad)
  • Apples


  • Tracy's Pumpkin Hazelnut Grilled Cheese - This was fantastic. I used a local raw smoked cheddar cheese in this & it blended so well with the hazelnut & pumpkin. The Bup did comment that the pumpkin made the inside of the bread mushy, but I think that was party due to my pumpkin being very wet.
  • Joy's Baked Chili Fries (minus the cheese) - These had quite the kick! I loved how crispy they got, especially since usually baked fries aren't so crisp.
  • Broccoli with celery & red onions
  • Bon Appetit's Frascatelli with Pecorino & Mustard Greens - This did not turn out like the pictures! It was still good, just not quite like we expected. My Frascatelli did not stay in nice nugget forms, so it was more of a mash than individual pieces. Still, the flavors were excellent.
  • Brown rice noodles with an Asian sauce, avocado & bell peppers
Visiting family
  • Out to eat


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