January 4, 2013

2013 Glitches

2013 is starting out with a bang. January 1 came & went uneventfully. We spent quality time with friends & family, plus had some time to relax by ourselves.

Then January 2 came...  I had to change the toner in the copier at work & I pulled out the waste cartridge by accident. Oops!!! (picture courtesy of a co-worker who gathered with some others to laugh) Thank goodness I was wearing black pants!

January 3 came & I had positive thoughts. But then I got in my car to leave for work & the battery wouldn't start. It was my own dumb fault, since when I took it for inspection in August they told me I'd need a new battery. I never replaced it, & here I was, stuck. Luckily, the Bup was able to come home from work to help me. We thought we'd jump it & be on our ways, but it was so dead it couldn't even be jumped. He took it out & we went to Autozone to exchange it for a new one. Thankfully that went smoothly & now my car is as good as new.

Here's to the year going up from here! It's all about perspective & laughing at the silly things that happen. I'm glad they weren't anything more serious. Compared to many of the tragedies happening around the world, my little mishaps are small.


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