March 16, 2011

Am I Green Enough?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! It's all over the web. Bloggers everywhere are posting great recipes full of Irish foods, Guinness, green food coloring, and yummy desserts.

Not me. We're on fridge clean-out around my house. Tomorrow I'm heading to the Sunshine State!

I'll be donning my green tee at 4:30am tomorrow morning! And tomorrow night we're going to an Irishfest!

But for tonight, we're going to eat green food. No...not the molding leftovers from the dark corners of the fridge. The avocado that's been ripening on the counter! The remains of a bag of spinach and a head of romaine. Half a green pepper. A few stalks of celery and bunches of kale. All mixed together with a carrot, roasted salt & vinegar chickpeas, some pineapple chunks and a few blue corn tortilla chips for added color.

Mmmm! That's my kind of green food. Not bad for a St. Patty's Day fridge clean-out.

And since you won't be up to see me off tomorrow, top o' the mornin' to you!


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