March 28, 2011

Locks of Love!

 Today was haircut day! This was my 4th time chopping off enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. It takes about 2.5 years for me to grow it long enough to donate (they have to have 10" or more). I really recommend doing it if you have long hair. Most hair salons will send it off for you, which makes it super easy. It's so freeing to have 10+ inches cut off!

The first time I cut my hair was right before graduation from high school. This is one of my senior pictures, which I got taken in the spring.

It was still styled from the hairdresser for my graduation pictures. My parents almost didn't recognize me when I was announced because I'd just gotten it cut that day and the announcer didn't pronounce my name right (surprise!). It rained that morning and I remember wearing a hood because I was worried that it would get wet and messed up.

My second donation was in spring of my sophomore year of college. My roomie went with me and took pics.

This was the shortest it's been! Every time, I've had it cut by someone different and in a different town.

This time I let my hair grow again for my wedding! 

But by Christmas, it was short again. We had a hair dresser convention where I work and they asked if I would be a hair model since mine was so long. The lady was really nice and when I told her I was getting ready to donate it, she offered to do that, too! So I got it cut onstage as a demo for going from really long to short, plus she highlighted it for me.

This was TOO LONG. I should've cut it sooner.

And this may be the only post I ever do that is anything beauty/hair related. :-)


  1. It looks really cute! I love that you have before and after pictures each time.

  2. Cute short hair is you


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