March 23, 2011

Is it ever enough?

On my last night of vacation. I tried to type a post via my phone. Bad idea. I typed away on my tiny keyboard only to send it to Blogger and be rejected. However, here's the essence:

On the last night I was sitting on the patio, typing away while no-see-ums bit my knees. I can't complain though. So much gorgeous sunshine should be illegal. We went 83 miles on the bikes!

There was a lot of good food down there! We couldn't choose from all the restaurants and our hosts provided a lot of great food, too. Grapefruit and oranges were abundant. The island has an amazing farm market. I wanted to buy all the veggies in sight. They also had a great nut butter producer who gave us samples. He has a website that I might order from.   I wish we had a market as grand at home!

Now we're home in the gloomy 40 degree and misty weather. Pictures to follow!

1 comment:

  1. That's such a bummer about the post. Even after I commented on your previous posts you didn't realize it was me? Hmm, perhaps I am more sneaky than I thought, haha. Yay pictures!


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