November 7, 2011

A Fall Dinner Bowl

Is anyone else excited by the time change? I love that it's light out again when I wake up in the mornings! This morning I could see the roads when I was roller blading. That's refreshing, especially since I took a little spill last week while trying to glide through gravel-disguised-as-asphalt. Oops.
This chilly weather makes me crave warm foods & blankets. When I found this delicious recipe on for Kale & Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowls, I knew I had to make it.

I used white beans instead of garbanzos, mainly because we've been eating lots of hummus lately & I thought we could use the nutrients of another bean. They went really well with the other flavors & textures.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but by the time I realized how seriously delicious this was, all natural light was gone. Believe me when I say this was one of the best dinners I've eaten in awhile. It wasn't really hard, either. Chop up some sweet potatoes & throw them in the oven to roast. Dump the rice in the rice cooker/pot on stove & let it cook. Easy!

It was warming & full of nutrition, perfect for a chilly fall evening.

On the side, we had Mama Pea's Bliss Salad. It paired perfectly with the meal! I subbed green bell pepper for the red, cashews for peanuts, & added apple chunks instead of green onions. I liked the hint of sweet that the apple lent to the salad.

I think you should try both of these recipes! They're easy to make & so delicious!!


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