November 2, 2011

October Snow

There is something very wrong with that picture.

Flower & snow do NOT go together!

But they did on Saturday. Everything was covered in a blanket of white!

We declared a snow day & watched it fall from the warmth of our home.

For awhile, we were afraid the tree branches were going to break. At one point, the Bup went onto our front porch stoop & was able to knock snow off of a branch with a broom. Usually you couldn't even come close to touching a branch from the stoop, but the snow was SO heavy!

We worried that the branches would knock down the power lines. The power flickered off & on a few times, but we were fortunate to not lose it for any length of time.

Right after the snow started, we covered the garden. The tarp covered the purple bell peppers, the glass "greenhouse" went over the lettuce, and we put a tee-pee sheet over the other lettuce patch.

The kale wasn't fazed. Snow? No biggie!

I picked some swiss chard & then we left the rest to chance. The big leaves collected a lot of snow, so some of the stems snapped, but it didn't kill it.

It was so strange to see all that snow during October!

Our garden survived the snow storm, only to get frost bite the next night. :-(  The greenhouse lettuce is still alive, though, so we have fresh greens for a little longer! I'm hoping with the warmer weather we're getting now that a few of the plants that didn't get too much frost will perk back up.

I saved my last roses from the snow. They're a nice bright spot on the counter to remind us of sunshine.

How did everyone else in the northeast survive the snow?

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  1. I'm still in shock the northeast got so much snow so early. All I can say is I'm sorry!! I'm soooo not ready for the white stuff yet, so I hope it stays the heck away from Ohio for a long time.


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