December 21, 2011

Glittery Jars

Over the weekend, I got out the glitter!

I get excited about glitter. I try to restrain myself, because I know many people shy away from it, but really, what's not to love about sparkles everywhere?

I used to (in high school) use that roll-on glitter on my eyelids & sometimes my chest. Maybe I wanted to be like the elf in The Santa know, Judy? The elf who made the good hot cocoa - shaken, not stirred? She sparkled from the inside out!

Please tell me you remember that stuff. I can't be the only one.

I decided to make a few homemade gifts & needed jars for them. Mom told me awhile ago that she has a lot of jars, so I raided her supply. The lids needed a little brightening up, so I got out the paints & glitter. 

It was super easy & didn't take much time.  It also didn't require artistic talent...just in case you're worried.

Step 1: Gather several small jars & make sure they are clean.
Step 2: Remove lids.
Step 3: Cover surface with newspaper.
Step 4: Coat lids with paint & let dry.
Step 5: Paint lids with a second coat of paint.
Step 6: Immediately sprinkle wet paint with glitter.
Step 7: Allow to dry thoroughly, at least 12 hours.
Step 8: Fill jars, label them & give as gifts!


Some suggestions to fill the cute, glittery jars:

I can't wait to fill them & make pretty labels! Gift-giving always makes me feel crafty.


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