March 17, 2012

Cherry Infused Vodka

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From the beginning of January until mid-March, I have the same thing on my to-do list: file taxes. It stays on there for a long time because first I have to wait for all the paperwork, & then I have to wait until I'm ready to commit to actually spending a precious evening pulling everything together.

So since this is no one's favorite thing to do, I've designed the perfect process for us.

1. Slowly accumulate all your tax info into a folder 
2. Buy some cherries & a bottle of vodka
3. Combine the two
4. Mark you calendar for 1 month later
5. Strain out the cherries
6. Pour some of your creation into a glass with ice
7. Sit down & do your taxes

See? Fool-proof! Maybe we should make this an annual thing.

I started making this on February 11. It really took a lot of effort.

 It requires 4 weeks of patience, but don't let that intimidate you! It's simple. Just a little shake each day to keep things mixed.

Look at how much richer the red is after just 1 week! The cherries are almost white because the vodka leached out most of their color. They look pretty gross, actually.

A month later, wah-lah! Flavored vodka. The real deal, no artificial flavors or food coloring. Just pure sour cherry.

It didn't get much darker as the weeks went on, but the longer soaking time makes it all the more flavorful.

Let's have a toast to taxes!

Note: Don't eat the cherries after soaking, unless you're into chewing on intensely vodka flavored rubber.

Sour Cherry Infused Vodka recipe at

I used 1.5 pounds of washed, stemmed, & pitted frozen sour cherries & 1.75 L of 80 proof vodka. The recipe said that I didn't have to pit them, but we received them that way. I feel like the pits probabaly contributed a richer color, but either way, this still tastes like cherries!


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