March 5, 2012

Thai Dining

Just look at the size of that squash! It was about 8" across & filled to the top with curry. Yum!

We went to Maryland on Friday & the Bup's aunt took us to Bangkok Delight, a Thai restaurant in the area. They had a huge menu, but one of the specials was a stuffed butternut squash filled with red curry. I ordered mine with veggies & tofu.

I was a little surprised when it was served, since that is most definitely NOT a butternut squash (I think it's a kabocha). Still, it was delicious & I had plenty of leftovers.

We were pretty hungry when we arrived, so Connie ordered the veggie rolls as our appetizer. The sauce was interesting - it had a bit of spice to it, but not a lot of strong flavor. They were great for a starter, especially since it was just a few bites once we divided them into 3.

Before we went to dinner, we stopped at Trader Joe's! The main highlight this time was the price of raw cashews...around home they're at least $8.75/lb., but I got them for $6.98/lb! I can't wait to make more cashew butter & fresh tomato soup.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I have more weekend fun posts for later in the week, plus 2 recipes.

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  1. I like thai food! My friends and I are actually attempting to cook a thai dinner tomorrow night! I'm in charge of a salad or vegetable but I don't know what to cook!


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