March 12, 2012

Goal: Headstands


My new goal: hold a supported headstand for 3 minutes.

So far, I've crashed & burned a lot. I'm to the point where I can hold one for 30 seconds with the occasional foot to the wall for balance.

Maybe once I can do that, I'll be able to do a full handstand! I have a lot of yoga poses that I'd like to master, so I have a Pinterest board to inspire me.

Some of them are inspirational, but seem insane, such as:

Pinned Image

and this:

Pinned Image

Maybe someday? It would be so empowering to know I can hold myself up & balance like that. Yoga is really helping me with flexibility & balance, as well as causing me to be more aware of my body. I love the feeling of strength it gives me.

I look more like the kitten, but I feel like the woman! :-)


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