August 30, 2013

Still Under Construction

We're getting there! Saturday was priming day.

Somehow this photo merged itself & when I was sorting through what I had, I was really confused. It's kinda cool though. W watching himself work...

Sunday was ceiling day.

Tuesday evening was living room walls. I was so excited to paint the gray! We love it!

There was a crazy grasshopper that kept leaping up at the windows. It hit the top ones! Tink loved watching, and it kept her occupied instead of being underfoot. She thinks she's helping, but she's wrong! :-)

It's cool to watch it dry. You can see the different shades here. I was edging while W followed behind with the roller.

One wall finished! Actually, the whole room is painting now. We have the baseboards & wood-work for the other windows painted & ready to hang. Then we'll finish painting the den. Whew!

Big thanks to my parents who came over twice each to help paint. We'd still be painting the living room if it weren't for their help.


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