August 24, 2013

Tasty Tidbits

I got a green juice last weekend & it was the best I've ever tried! I wish I had noted what they put in it - it was on their specials menu, so I can't look it up now. I think it had kale, lemon, ginger, apple, & 1 or 2 other things. Yum!

We shopped at Nest, which is part of the complex that is called Concious Corner. I love all the stores there, especially because of the lifestyle they help promote. They have really neat stuff!

I found these neat snack bags. I almost got some, but since I mostly use containers for packing my lunch, I decided not to get them now. They'd be great for packing snacks or kid's lunches! They had regular sandwich bag sized ones, too.

This weekend we're planning to visit with family, paint, & paint some more! I can't believe summer is just about over! This is the last weekend before Labor Day & then it's fall. It went by way too fast!

Enjoy the weekend!!

Here's what we've been eating in the last week:

  • Quinoa & Oat Granola with blueberries
  • Mama Pea's Blueberry Orange Muffins with pb & almond butter (me) & hazelnut butter (W)
  • Brunch at Great Sage: Chocolate Coconut Pancakes + Green Juice (me) & Mediterranean Flatbread topped with a sundried tomato & olive spread, artichokes, red peppers, onions, & fresh arugula + herbal tea (W)
  • Puffed rice and crumbled Cookin' Canuck's No-bake Zucchini Bread Granola Bites with almond milk - I actually made these bites into bars, for simplicity's sake. Then I froze them for quick breakfasts/snacks. I love that they have nut butter in them - it really adds to the flavor!
  • Savvy Saving Couple's Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread - I thought this looked fantastic - it's gluten free, made with almond meal, & it's chocolate! What's not to love? However, it was VERY wet. The recipe said it would be super moist, but this was beyond that. I baked it much longer than it said to & it just wouldn't cook through. I think maybe it would've been better in bar form, so it could bake more easily. Anyway, it does still taste good, so we didn't have to waste it!
  • Bananas, blueberries
  • Sandwiches
  • Leftovers
  • Carrots & cucumbers with hummus
  • Plums, apples, & watermelon

  • Assorted Appetizer Platter: 2 samosas, mysore vadai, 2 vegetable pakoras, & aloo tikki
  • Masala Dosai (me) - This was a MASSIVE crepe-like thing filled with a potato & onion mixture, as well as some veggies. It came with 3 dipping sauces & was super delicious!
  • Manglorian Eggplant Curry (W)
  • Vegetable Biriyani (Aunt C.)
  • Shredded Brussels sprouts sauteed with sliced onions
  • Ashley's Beer-bread Cornbread - Definitely our new go-to cornbread. We've had it twice now & I don't think I'll be trying anything else!

  • Grilled vegetable pita pockets with guacamole - W grilled zucchini, green bell pepper, & 2 hot peppers with some lemon juice, garlic powder, salt & pepper. We used the small whole wheat pitas from Trader Joe's & topped them with guac. I don't usually use guac in non-Mexican meals, but it was perfect with this! The creaminess paired so well with the heat of the peppers & the various textures. What doesn't guac go with, really?? :-)
  • Mama Pea's Sloppy Josephines - I've made these before & we really like them. This time, I used fresh tomatoes instead of canned sauce & I added chopped mushrooms. They were really good!
  • Mama Pea's Kale Sunshine Salad with chopped almonds - I love the Italian kale vs. curly kale, but it's really hard to find around here. I bought a bunch when we were shopping in Maryland. I've been really wanting kale salad, but our kale was invaded by some kind of insect. I'm mad!
Dinner with Mom & Pops
  • Whole wheat linguini with broccoli in a light tomato sauce
  • Green salad
  • Dinner with grandparents, parents, & aunt

  • Minimalist Baker's Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream - I can't stop making this. It's so good!
  • Ice cream treats from the Camp Meeting snack stand - We go to W's family's church camp meeting for at least 1 evening each year. It's a tradition to order a treat after the service is over. They only have the fresh made chocolate ice cream 2 nights out of the week, & this time we missed it, so we got other treats instead.


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