August 23, 2013

Under Construction

For the past several days, when I walk into the house from the garage, this is the view. Very barren & kind dusty...

Here's a view from the top of the ladder. You can sort of see the light that's in the top of the beam. All of the wooden beams have that. Once we paint, we're going to stain them a darker brown to match the fireplace.

This is the far corner, above the fireplace. W is going to put up stone on the plywood, then our tv hangs there. I'm super excited to see the stone up! It'll look like a real fireplace.

Here's the living room from the opposite end. I like seeing all the light that comes in through the windows in the back half. We're painting the room a light gray & I think that'll make it even more bright & airy.

Once you go through the doorway (in the first picture, it has a sheet hanging on it) into the rest of the house, you can see that the next room is also under construction! After all the painting, we're having a new carpet put in, so W ripped out all the old carpet. This floor used to be hardwood! It's covered in a gluey tar though, so we aren't trying to refinish it.

We are refinishing the wood floor in the hall, which is just outside this room. Right now, it's bare floor that W has sanded down. It's ready for the varnish, but we have to stay off of it when he does that. That will be tricky enough, since we can't get to the bedroom or bathroom without using that hall, but it'll be even more tricky to keep the cat off of it! She's crazy!

I can't wait for all of this to be done! We're in the final stages, but living in this film of dust isn't fun. It does make cleaning easier...I just don't do much of it! Why dust when in a few hours it'll need to be dusted again? :-)


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