September 16, 2010

I'm a Banana

Here's how we spent our anniversary:
Chiquita Banana
Okay, we didn't actually have the luxury of going to the Chiquita plantation. We just went to the York Fair. But they had free smoothie samples and wanted to take our picture! I had a back to childhood moment as well when we came across the Sunset Ice Cream stand. They're based in Williamsport and when I was a kid we'd stop at their roadside stand. It was seriously in the middle of nowhere, just this wooden stand along a back country road. But that ice cream was so delicious. I didn't know they still existed, but they do. And the ice cream is still delicious.

Yesterday morning when I got to work there was a slice of lime sitting beside my mouse. I looked closer, and someone was nice enough to leave me their entire gin and tonic, complete with straw but missing the glass. Whoops. Luckily none of it got onto the actual computer. It was just sticky and wet everywhere.

I came upon this Giving through Growing website. They'll donate $1 for each e-seed anyone sends! Go send some!


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