September 27, 2010

Yesterday was a catch-all day around the house. All those odds and ends that kept nagging at me are finally done!

One of my big projects was to pick all but the very smallest leaves from the swiss chard plant and freeze the harvest so that we'll have greens during the winter. My loving husband provided a noisy soundtrack during this process: he was using the belt sander on the front window frames.

Step 1: Try to control the chard after picking it.

Step 2: Wash the swiss chard.

Step 3: Pull off the stems and tough parts and rip the leaves into pieces.

Step 4: Fill the bowl with leaves, cover and microwave to wilt the leaves.

Step 5: Drain the excess liquid and let the chard cool. Then package up to freeze.

All that for 3 16 oz. containers of frozen chard. Crazy.


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