April 25, 2011

5 Signs Spring is Here!

I can't stop talking about spring! I love this weather, when the air loses that chilly bite and the sun's rays seem to warm my core. All I want to do is be outside enjoying it! Here's how spring is showing it's presence around our yard.

1. We planted daffodils and mulched the front gardens. See the bits of green in the front area that weren't in the picture above?

2. The grape hyacinths are blooming everywhere! When the Bup mowed for the first time, he had to mow a bunch off because they were in the yard. And at the very top of this picture you can see the rhubarb's leaves are getting huge! Mom's jealous.

3. Composting is back in full swing. We had 6 buckets of winter scraps ready to go in as soon as spring hit. I already filled 1 1/2 more for the next round.

4. Rabbits are bouncing everywhere. This poor little rabbit wants to eat our lettuce but we put up a fence. He's sneaky, though. We've noticed him taunting the neighbor's dogs by sitting just outside their fence. They bark and bark but can't get through to him. Smart bunny! Hopefully he doesn't get so smart that he finds a way into our garden.

5. I'm sneezing like crazy. Eek! I never had allergies as a kid so I don't know why I have them now!

How is spring showing it's presence around you?

1 comment:

  1. well, in SC the trees all have leaves, the bugs are chirping and it's supposed to hit 90 on Wednesday. Gotta love the south! :)


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