April 8, 2011

Our Garden: Part 2

I think spring is really here!

See? Even the dry brown dirt can't detract from the pretty, colorful bluebells and violets.

And the rhubarb is sprouting. I was really worried that it wouldn't come up because just a few weeks ago this was a bare patch of dirt. We just planted it last year and it's supposed to come back every year, but despite what I might want you to believe, I have a black thumb. It's not genetic - my mom is a certified Master Gardner.  I go to her with all my questions.

However, the fern Dad gave me for Christmas has a label the says it's a hearty indoor plant that will survive. It's dying in my dining room.

Thank goodness the Bup has a green thumb. He's growing bell pepper, purple basil, and a breed of super hot pepper from seed. Of course, they're popping up like crazy.

But so are my onions! The one on the far left is so excited to see spring that it doesn't want to stay underground. I need to give it a push back into the dirt. They're all starting to poke through the soil. So far, no sign of the peas sprouting.

It doesn't look much different than it did here. I planted some swiss chard, spinach, and radishes along the outer edges. My next planting will be potatoes!


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