April 20, 2011

Papaya Lessons

Sometimes I get excited about stuff and then don't read the fine print.

Example: I think I'm buying a papaya for $.99 and instead pay $3.49. Apparently that sign said $.99/lb, NOT $.99/papaya. I picked the biggest one I could find, because hey, I should get the maximum food possible if it's all the same price.

I do really well with my grocery budget, almost every time I go to the store. My first stop is always the produce section and I buy anything on my list and also other fresh stuff that looks like a good deal. Hence my buying a papaya.

Since then, I read that papayas are one of the most common fruits to be genetically engineered, so I probably won't be buying any papayas in the future.

But we are enjoying this one! And hopefully next time I learn from this and read the signs more closely.


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