April 13, 2011

It's Love

Last night we went to the Ice House with my parents for dinner. I was a little disappointed because they removed their sandwiches from the dinner menu (now they're only for lunch) but my meal was still yummy.

We all shared the Mediterranean Trio and I got a house side salad. For my entree, I ordered the Portabella and Carmelized Onion Pizza. It was good, but the crust got a little soggy. Dad brought wine, of course! And for the finale, I had a scoop of the homemade coconut ice cream.

Oh coconut ice cream. I love you. I never had you before, but you will be in my future.

After we got home and were getting ready for bed, the Bup asked, "Do you love ice cream more than me?"

My response: "Yes."  *pause*  "Wait! I mean no!!"

Boy, that was some really good ice cream...

<3 I love you Bup! More than ice cream. I promise. <3

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