April 6, 2011

Our Garden Begins

As of March 16, my gardening has officially begun!

Our strawberries are popping up! They've pretty much taken over the whole bed, but if they produce, I don't care!! Last spring, I bought a planting pack that had potatoes, onions, strawberries and asparagus. The pototoes and onions came up great but the other two were dead before I planted them. That's why I couldn't tell which end was the root end, and wound up planting them upsidedown. Whoops... I did correct my mistake the same day, but they were dead anyway. We bought 3 small strawberry plants and they spread out to fill the bed!

The strawberries are in the top right bed of the picture. My onions and sugar peas are in the bottom left bed. Can't you see them? :-) I planted them on March 16th, so when I took this picture they were freshly planted. That's why the soil there is darker - I was playing in it!

Our lettuce survived the winter in our cold frame!!! It's really taken off now that the days are warmer. We've eaten fresh salads a few times this spring. I can't wait to take the frame off completely and let it really grow!

It's refreshing to see such vibrant green after a long brown winter. I'm excited to plant more! Last summer we ate HUGE salads almost every day because the lettuce was out of control. All this popped up from the seeds of the lettuce that bolted last August when it got hot and we couldn't keep up with the growth. I'm vowing to keep up this year.


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