October 28, 2011

Candle Making

I have a lot to say today, so bear with me. I'm getting old.

Have you ever used Icy Hot? Or Bengay?

Don't do it. Just don't.

It's giving me a complex.

We had our first frost last night, so I should be expected to be chilly today. It's not quite chilly enough to need a turtleneck AND a turtleneck sweater.

My knee is telling me otherwise. It's Icy Hot.

Here's where the getting old part comes in. All ranting aside, my joints are going. We were walking down the sidewalk last night & my knee suddenly twinged, resulting in sharp pain everytime I bend it to step down.

After choir, I rubbed on some Icy Hot, put on my knee wrap, & rested my knee. I should've learned my lesson then, since my knee was freezing, causing the rest of me to be bizarrely chilled, but I didn't.

This morning, after my shower, I put on more. This resulted in me getting so cold that I then dressed like I live in the arctic. It's all an illusion of being cold even though I know I'm not. Super confusing!

To top that off, I actually had someone tell me I look like a grape. They softened the blow by saying they really like grapes. Um...thanks?

So back to this candle making thing.

We like to save the bottom layer of wax from candles, melt it down, and make new candles. There's always a layer, about 1" thick, of wax in the bottom of those jar candles. It really adds up quickly, so we like to reuse it. Candles are pricey!

How to form a new candle out of old wax:

1. Carefully scrap the wax out of the bottom of an almost empty candle jar. The easiest way is to use a knife (carefully!) to loosen the edges & then break the piece apart to remove the pieces.

2. Remove any remaining wick or base pieces.

3. Combine wax pieces into a glass jar (we use one that we just emptied).

4. Melt wax, either in the oven or microwave.

5. Insert a wick (found at craft stores) into the melted wax. Make sure it goes to the very bottom, to ensure the candle will burn as long as possible. To keep the wick straight, tie it to a pencil or skewer and lay it across the top of the jar.
Hint: Use a bamboo skewer or similar item to guide the wick straight down into the wax.

6. Set candle aside to cool.

7. If pockets develop in the top of the candle, melt additional wax and pour into the pockets to fill.

8. Burn as desired!


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