October 26, 2011

Mornings are a Gift from God

Lately, I've been enjoying the sunrises.

I roll out of my cozy bed & into my shorts & t-shirt (set out the night before!). It's pitch dark outside.

It takes me 6 minutes to convince myself I should get going, dress, use the bathroom, put my hoodie, gloves, earphones & blades on, & get out the door.

What on earth am I'm doing out when it's this dark. Why do all these people feel the need to drive at this time of morning? Their headlights are blinding & seriously crimp my style. If you can call roller blading style of any sort.

The sun starts to peak through, showing off by painting the sky. This is why I'm doing this. It's not just for the exercise & my love of movement. This is my daily time outside.

More colors show through, slowly changing from deep reds & purples to brighter oranges & yellows.

Morning has broken! I love being out to welcome the day as the sky brightens & changes from black to gray to blue.

Almost home.

Oops! I took too long, as usual, but it was worth it. Good morning! The day just got pretty. I'm not ready to go inside.

 I'm happy to be alive & able to be outside enjoying the sunrise each day.

Thank you for the mornings, God. For all the bright colors, the crisp air, & the freedom to move throughout your kingdom!


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