October 31, 2011

Halloween & Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!

I'm super into fall. I love everything about it, but I just don't get excited over Halloween like some people.

Sure, as a kid I loved getting lots of candy. I was super anal about it, too. I'd come home from trick or treating & dump my plastic pumpkin bucket out on the table. I separated out every candy into it's own pile & then counted them. Mom always wanted my Reese's cups, Dad liked the Snickers, & I liked M&M's. I would dole them out carefully, until I got to the candies I didn't like. Then I was very generous. "Here, Mom! You can have all of the Now&Laters!"

I remember leaving a Sugar Daddy on the dashboard of our truck one time. I've never been super into caramel, so it was taking me forever to eat it. When we stopped at a rest area, I set it there & when we got back into the truck it had melted down through the speaker holes. Oops...

Anyway, aside from the candy (which I don't get anymore anyway) I don't get excited about Halloween. I don't want to dress up or answer the door to strangers or decorate my house or go on scary hay rides or to haunted forests. I'd rather decorate for fall with autumn harvest things & make it last through Thanksgiving.

So instead of cool decorating ideas or spooky baked goods, I'm sharing with you a pumpkin recipe I found that I think you need to make. I'm celebrating fall by eating tons of pumpkin & squash.

Go make them. It'll take about 30 minutes of work & 2.5 hours of waiting, but it's totally worth it. You can always go plan your costume while you're waiting!

These rolls literally melt in your mouth. The dough is so light and airy. I even used white whole wheat flour for half of the flour & they were STILL airy! I did give them a second rise, once they were tied into knots. That was mostly because I was waiting for some super yummy Pumpkin Spice Bars to come out of the oven, but I would do it again. They really puffed up during that final 30 minute rest time.

These were perfect for eating on that bizarre snow day we had over the weekend!

I'll post my pictures from that soon (poor little garden!), but it just didn't seem right to post snow pictures on Halloween. This is fall, & I want to keep it that way!


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