January 6, 2012

My January Garden

Welcome to 2012! I'm easing into the year slowly, but I think I'm finally recovered from the flu that had me beat for the first 5 days of January.

Did you all celebrate the new year with a bang? We stayed at home & had my parents over for dinner & games. Dinner was good, but the drinks were the real hit. Creamsicle mimosas. Oh.my.deliciousness. Just do it. It's totally worth the splurge on a bottle of marshmallow vodka. It might even still be on sale - I was pleasantly surprised & figured it being on sale meant this must be the perfect drink. I'm already pondering spiked hot cocoa...

Things are looking brown with some splashes of green around the garden. Nothing like during the summer, but I'm happy to report that I still have some kale, lettuce, & spinach growing!

I baby it by tucking it under a sheet every night.

And un-tucking it in the morning so that it gets some sun. All of the leaves that fell from our tree give it some insulation, too.

The other lettuce has a glass cover, so I don't need to uncover it during the day. I love seeing the lines of frost on the glass in the mornings! 

The kale looks like palm trees & tastes so sweet. It's hardy enough that I don't cover it at all. Some nights it freezes, but during the day the sun thaws it out & it keeps growing. We've been enjoying it as salad & lightly cooked with garlic.

It's a little extra work to remember to cover & uncover the garden each day, but it's worth it for fresh greens. Here's to eating plenty of greens in 2012!


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