January 27, 2012

Vermont: Day 3

There was a layer of white on the ground on Wednesday morning so we were back out skiing!

I bundled up cause it was COLD!! 

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes, homefries, cantaloupe, & a banana...

...with wild berry tea. 

All you could see was our noses.

The Bup was much more confident today. He kept up with me on every run. Skiing was a little icy but it was fast & fun. At least for everyone but Dad...he took a tumble & wrenched his already injured back. After lunch Mom drove him back to the b&b to rest up so that he'll be able to ski tomorrow. 

 After the cold skiing, I was ready for a hot dinner! We started with a very flavorful vegetable barley soup.

Next was salad.

And then a vegetable (onion, mushroom, broccoli) quiche with black bean salsa & mini hashbrowns. The quiche was fantastic, but massive! I couldn't quite finish mine so the Bup helped me out.

I had to leave room for dessert - raspberry blondies. They had chocolate chips on top. Normally I don't like the raspberry/chocolate combo, but these were far enough apart that I really liked it.

After dinner we settled down by the fire to watch a movie before getting ready for another day of skiing!


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