February 20, 2012

Chocolate Martinis

In 2009, I discovered martinis.

For Valentine's Day, the Bup & I went to a Martini Mixology class as part of Chocolate Covered February. We learned how to make 5 martinis, one of which was the signature Hershey's chocolate martini. The class was a ton of fun, so if you ever have an opportunity like that, try it!

I never really had a martini before then, but I've tried a bunch of flavors since.

Chocolate, peanut butter cup*, blueberry, candy cane, apple, key lime & lemon drop, to name a few.

*These are dangerously delicious. It's like dessert in a cup. The peanut rum creme liqueur for this is super hard to find, so I've only made them once as a birthday celebration with some friends. Try it!

I read somewhere that if you offer someone who's full dessert, they'll say no, but if you offer them a martini, they'll say yes.

Hello, chocolate martinis!

This drink is a spin off of the ones we created in the mixology class. For New Year's Eve this year, we had these, & when I went to the store for the marshmallow vodka, I saw chocolate whipped vodka on sale. Buying it was a no brainer (can't resist chocolate!), but when I got home, I just stuck it in the basement & sort of forgot about it.

So then last weekend I went back to the store for something else (recipe coming soon!) & saw crème de cacao on sale. Another no brainer purchase.

When I got home, I told the Bup that I'm never shopping for liquor again. I keep seeing yummy flavors on sale & telling myself liquor doesn't really go bad, I'll come up with something I'll definitely want that for! He can go in for 1 item & leave with 1 item. I need to practice restraint.

At least the same theory applies to me when I'm in the produce section. "Oh look! Eggplant & broccoli are on sale!" & then I get home to find there's not room in the fridge. We never have trouble finished the veggies though!

Don't judge me. :-) Those martini glasses are always spilling. Whoever decided to put pure alcohol into a glass like that was either really dumb or really smart. I haven't decided yet.

 We split this recipe into 2 smaller martinis, but the full recipe will fill a regular martini glass.

So now, after all that, I bring you this yummy creation.

Chocolate Martini
Serves 1 (large) or 2 (small)

3 ounces chocolate whipped vodka (vanilla vodka would work, too)
2 ounces crème de cacao
1 ounce amaretto
hot cocoa powder

Pour a thin layer of hot cocoa powder onto a shallow dish. Use a small amount of water to wet the rim of a martini glass. Turn glass upside down in the cocoa powder to coat the rim. Combine all ingredients (I measured using a jigger but a measuring cup works fine) in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until cold. Pour into martini glass & enjoy!

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  1. I often have trouble practicing restraint in the state store as well. No matter what I go in for, I always come out with a bottle of wine (even if I went in for a bottle of wine). It's a great store though, how could I not?


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