February 5, 2012

Hershey Pantry Date Night

In early January, we had date night at The Hershey Pantry, thanks to a friend's parents who gave us a gift card. This post is very delayed, but I was having a lot of trouble getting my pictures to upload. I think I fixed the problem now!

The Pantry is a popular spot for tourists & locals, so I'm always cautious about picking a time to go because I hate waiting forever for a table! We went on a January weeknight, so there was no wait & we had excellent service.

To start, we were tempted by the special appetizer, Mile High Swett Potato Fries with Honey, Pecans, Brown Sugar & Chili Garlic Dipping Sauce. The Bup & I are total suckers for sweet potatoes, so we couldn't resist. When they said "mile high," they really meant it! I was so full from this that I didn't even want my dinner anymore.

I had an envelope with a surprise coupon inside, & when I opened it, I found out we got a free beverage. We both ordered tea. I love the cute teapots that they bring out with the hot water!

My dinner was a small tossed salad followed by Rigatoni tossed in Homemade Bruschetta topped with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, ricotta, & aged parmesan cheese. It was delicious & I was glad to have a lot of leftovers for lunch the next day!

After some complications with the Bup's meal, he had a Caesar salad & the Mushroom Lover's Pasta, a portobello stuffed ravioli with additional portobellos mixed in. He requested a tomato sauce instead of the garlic cream sauce on the menu. When they brought it out, there were chunks of chicken in it, so we sent it back. The chef was wonderful & made him a fresh tomato sauce for his new plate. We were very impressed with how both the waitress & the chef handled the situation. When we asked to speak to a manager, it turned out that the waitress was the manager. No wonder she got that position - she was great!

They offered to comp the Bup's meal, but we declined because they'd already gone to some extra effort to make things right & we really loved the food. The waitress was apologetic & insisted on at least giving us a dessert, so we split the Key Lime Cake. I loved the instense lime flavor in the cake, but the icing was a plain vanilla. I think it would've been perfect with a hint of lime there, too.

We're planning to go back in February because they gave us another suprise coupon envelope. If I ever run a restaurant, I'm going to do something similar. It's a perfect way to keep customers coming back!


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