February 1, 2012

Vermont: Day 4

On Thursday we planned to go cross country skiing, but nature had other plans.

We had a menu for breakfast, so I ordered the oatmeal & topped it with banana, maple syrup & raisins. Can't go a whole week without my oats!

We started out for skiing but there just wasn't enough snow. Instead, we took a 6 hour hike in the Green Mountain State Forest near the Moosalamoo campground. It was gorgeous scenery!

The trails were pretty icy, especially when we got to the snowmobile trail. I should've had my ice skates.

We didn't start out intending it to be so long, but luckily we had on warm clothes & packed a lunch.

Our map was outdated and they'd installed a dam in the middle of our path, so the road was cut off.
We trekked through the woods following a stream for about a 1/2 mile until we ran into the other end of the road.

I was so ready for dinner that night!!
On the way home we stopped a little grocery store to get some Vermont goodies & found these pre-packaged glasses of wine. We didn't buy any, but what a great idea for bringing on picnics! 
Soup was black bean veggie soup, followed by a salad with feta cheese on it.

Dinner was ravioli with a basil & sun-dried tomato sauce. It tasted much better than it looks! On the side we had broccoli & garlic bread.

At first I was sad to see peach cobbler for dessert since its not usually a favorite. I ate every bite though! Sooo good! After we finished eating we had to pack to leave. :-(

Our last morning at the Swiss Farm Inn, I got the Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast with a mini-muffin, banana, & home fries. That was more than plenty of food to fuel a day of riding in a car, but I couldn't resist one final delicious breakfast!
Can't wait to go back next year!!


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