July 25, 2012

Grilled Caprese Tomatoes

I have more bug bites than I can even count. Every time I go outside to garden or grill or check the mail, one gets me! Now that we're having some cooler days, I'd really like to sit on the patio & read, but I'm not willing to get eaten even more.

All the bugs haven't curbed our grilling, though. It's summer & we're going to grill no matter what!

Mom gave us these tomatoes & as soon as she offered them to us, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. It's simple & delicious.

I'm slowly warming up to tomatoes. I don't pick them out of my sandwiches anymore, but I still don't like to eat them raw. Even though this dish is mostly tomato, I love it! The juices start to carmelize in the tomato, giving it a delicious flavor. That flavor along with the basil & cheese makes for a perfect combination.

Soon I will share the recipe for the grilled butternut squash you see in the pics, but it's not quite there yet. We let the squash marinade over night in what should have been a delicious combination, but it just didn't go as well with the squash as I had hoped. I'm going to tweak it & then I'll share!

Our dinner on the patio. What you don't see: the bugs under the table eating our legs. Dinner for all!

Grilled Caprese Tomatoes
Serves 2-4

5 small, ripe tomatoes (a little bigger than golf ball sized)
10 fresh basil leaves
10 chunks (1/2"x1/4") of smoky cheddar or mozerella cheese

Slice tomatoes in half & remove the hard white part by the stem. Lay a basil leave on the cut side of the tomato. Top with a chunk of cheese. Grill for 5-8 minutes on the top shelf of a grill (medium to medium-high heat). Tomatoes are done when the bottom skin starts to shrivel up and the cheese is melted.


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