July 19, 2012

July Garden Update

As you're probably aware, it's been a very hot, very dry summer. Our garden is holding up pretty well, considering. The Bup has been watering it a few evenings each week, so things are still green.

The dry heat doesn't seem to be affecting our jalapenos! They're bursting with peppers.

The tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes, but the only ones ripening so far are the little cherry & pear tomatoes.

Tuesday's harvest! Even though our cucumber vines seem to be half-dead, they're still producing.

Our eggplant has some blossoms. I'm hoping it produces lots of eggplant. We love it.

Last year's kale. This year's kale. Apparently kale doesn't care whether it's 100 or 20 degrees out. It just likes to live.

Sweet potatoes & random squash. I'm debating how much squash to let grow. It all came up on it's own & I already pulled at least a dozen plants. I'm waiting to see what it is before I pull to many more. If it's butternut, I'm keeping them all!

This was our first year to plant brussels sprouts. The bugs love the leaves, but the plants are still thriving. I can't wait to see the stalks form.

Our bell pepper plants are looking a bit wilty in the heat, but there are some blossoms, so I think with just a hint of rain we should get some nice peppers.

I'm really sad about the zucchini. I devoted a whole bed to them, but the plants just aren't producing. We had a lot of trouble with bugs in the past & the marigolds really seem to be helping ward them off, but it's just too hot for them.

Also, please note in the zucchini pic that the fence isn't finished. Maybe that's how we have these cute little friends living in our cucumber/tomato patch!

I took several pics before realizing there were 2 of them cuddled up there. We named them Amy & Jo. :-) I'm happy that we can provide them some shade from all of this heat.

Is anyone else having any garden ups & downs due to the lack of rain?


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