July 21, 2012

Headstand Update

In light of an article I recently came across, 10 Reasons to Do a Headstand Every Day, I thought I should update you on my goal to do a headstand from a few months ago.

Some days I can move into a headstand without any help from the wall. Other days, I need that little tap with my toe to kick into position. I'm not quite comfortable moving into one without the wall yet, but I'm almost there. Once I'm in position, though, I can hold it for over a minute with no help! I'm working up to longer & think that physically I could hold it. It's the mental part that's slacking. I get bored, or worried that I might fall down soon, or just over think the balance.

I love the way I feel after I've done a headstand, so I've been trying to continue to practice every day. There have been a few days where it made my head pound, so I just stopped & tried again the next day. I'm hoping to soon not need my safety net & be able to move away from the wall.
I've also been having fun practicing different leg positions. This one is my favorite!

Check out the article on headstand! Maybe it'll motivate you to try it out! (They're fun, I promise!) 


  1. Wow, dude, I am super impressed! You look like a cover for a fitness magazine! :D

  2. I am impressed! I have tried to start doing headstands before but every single time it makes my head just pound and pound in my ears. I can get up into a headstand against the wall but I can't keep it because of the pounding. Does it take lots of practice for your body to get used to that?


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