February 20, 2013

Working on the Walls

Over the weekend, we started working on the living room walls! They were just paneling over the insulation, so we're tearing that off & putting up drywall.

In the process, we pulled back some of the carpet. Tink loved crawling under the fold. We had to watch out because we almost stepped on her several times.

We have a gas fireplace in the corner that our tv sits on. The Bup built a wall behind it that we're going to put up stone on (to look like a chimney) & he attached brackets & electrical so we can hang the tv. I'm excited about the open mantel! I'm thinking of decorating ideas already.

Zoomed out view.

The wall looks super bare! We're doing one side at a time so that we can still live in the space. This side is more labor intensive because of the fireplace.

He got it all in place & it's ready for the stones. I can't wait for the finished project!

It was my job to pull out the nails that were left behind & to do clean-up. In the process, I wound up with a black eye. I tried to pull out a nail and the force sent me back into the corner of the fireplace. (Smooth, right?) It hurts much worse than it looks. I must've done some internal bruising. Thankfully it was only this bad. When it happened, I was scared to open my eye because I thought I wouldn't be able to see.

Here's a somewhat awkward picture of me & my bruise/cuts.

In case you wanted a close up. :-)

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  1. Haha, only you would end up with a black eye on nail duty.... It makes me miss you even more!


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