March 30, 2013

Tasty Tidbits


I hope you have a joyous day tomorrow.
He is risen! He is risen indeed!

We went grocery shopping together this week!! I am so excited about this cart of goodies. We've already made a little dent in them & this weekend I plan to roast the squash & sweet potatoes to prep for quick meals during the week.

Right behind the cans of organic tomatoes, there's a small box of Yogi Bedtime Caramel Tea peeking through. We tried it on Thursday night & it was delicious. I'm not sure whether I slept better or it's in my head, but it was a great bedtime treat & I did wake up well-rested.

Our next Nature Box came! We got to choose what we wanted this time, plus they sent a bonus bag of BBQ sunflower seeds. Yay! We'd already eaten one of the bags before I snapped the pic, we were that excited for this.

Here's what we've been eating in the last week:

  • Pineapple banana green smoothies
  • Peach yogurt with Homemade Coconut Cherry Granola
  • Cinnamon quinoa
  • Baked cherry oatmeal topped with coconut butter
  • Bananas & crunchy pb

  • Leftovers
  • Sandwiches
  • Carrot & celery sticks
  • Salad with leftover sweet potato fries, avocado & Gena's Almond Butter Dressing
  • Apples, grapefruit, oranges & clementines



Family dinner at our house with grandparents & parents
  • Pasta bake: penne & rotini with tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, kale & parmesan
  • Green salad
  • Hot cross buns
  • Out with friends: Guacamole & chips (me)
  • Leftover pasta (Bup)
  • As Good As Gluten's Brown Rice & Flaxseed Pizza Crust topped with bbq sauce, onion, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach, avocado, feta, roasted garlic & pineapple - This was my first attempt using brown rice flour in a pizza crust. It turned out so well! Lots of flavor & we never would have known it was gluten free.
Out with family for my mother-n-law's bday dinner
  • Pizza topped with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, & spinach (me)
  • Mushroom raviolis (Bup)
Maundy Thursday Dinner + Service at church
  • Lentil Soup
  • Bread



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