September 6, 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

My Vegan Cuts Snack Box came last week!

As you may know, I'm an avid supporter of eating whole foods. This means lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains, beans, etc., & not much packaged food. Getting these boxes from Vegan Cuts brings in an influx of packaged why do I still get them?

Well, I love getting mail, for one. :-)  But also, many of these samples are from up-and-coming vegan companies. It's exciting try their products & then support them if we enjoy the food. The majority of what we receive in the box is made with a concious decision on the company's part to use the best ingredients they can, & they are usually keeping our health in mind.

So while they are still not nearly as healthy as a big fresh green salad, they are healthy choices that could be replacements for foods that many Americans consume on a daily basis.

I really appreciate that there are companies out there that are focused on our health & the environment. If we could replace the packaged foods that are being eaten with ones like these, it would be a huge step in the right direction.

One great example of this is Angie's Boom Chicka Pop. It's a brand that's full of fun - if you can read the small print along the center of the back of the bag, it says, "All any girl every wanted in a life is graceful acceptance of her 6th grade haircut." Hah! The popcorn has 3 ingredients (popcorn, sunflower oil, & sea salt) & is non-gmo, vegan, & gluten free. Plus, it tastes great! No greasy fingers & the perfect salty taste. We usually pop our own corn, but if I was looking for a bagged variety, I'd get this!

We had Emmy's Lemon Ginger Macaroons for a light dessert one evening. They're organic, raw, vegan, & gluten free. The lemon & ginger weren't overpowering at all & it was a light treat, perfect for satisfying our sweet teeth. They have a variety of other flavors, so if you're a macaroon lover, check out their variety pack!

For a snack one afternoon, I tried the Cocoa Crunch Square Bar. I'm often not a fan of snack bars, because they are either full of sugar, high calorie for a small amount, or have bizarre ingredients. These, however, are organic and all of the ingredients were recognizable. Plus, it was like eating a chocolate bar! It also kept me full until dinner, which is a big challenge for me. They are a bit pricey, so I probably wouldn't buy these often, but in looking for a snack bar, they're topping my list so far! Three flavors are availble on the Vegan Cuts Shop: Cocoa Crunch, Cocoa Almond, & Cocoa Coconut.

If you're looking for some good snacks, these are fun choices! Or, you could try getting your own box next month here, & have some new, healthier snacks to try!

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. That means that if you choose to purchase a box or an item from Vegan Cuts, I will make a small amount due to your purchase. All opinions are my own, with no compensation from those companies. Thanks for the support to both Vegan Cuts & me.



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