January 11, 2011

Farm Show

See? We were still smiling even after paying $10 to park and then driving around looking for a spot for over 10 minutes. Here we are on the shuttle bus that took us down to the PA Farm Show! My first happy sighting was a big tractor trailer truck labeled "organic." Yes!

I knew it would be crowded because it was a weekend, the parking was awful, and it's always crowded anyway. There was a line for the broken escalator, which is just a testament to the laziness of Americans. You can see by looking at it that it's not moving. Just take the steps! And we did.

The best place to start is in the free samples section. We had about an hour and a half until Farm Show's "Got Talent," which we planned to check out. Still more crowds to fight! We found some nice selections of treats, from mustard to raw milk cheeses to mustard to buckwheat cakes (yum!) to mustard. Oh, did I mention the mustard? We ended up buying 2 kinds: Seltzer's Horseradish and Miller's Hot and Sweet. That was lunch.

The butter sculpture was amazing, as usual. What a crazy amount of butter!!!! We found some sample apple slices and the Turkey Hill samples nearby.

I was really excited to find the PA Maple Syrup on display. We used to make maple syrup up at our cabin (coincidentally in the Endless Mountains) so this was great!

We tried a variety of wines (sadly, not this one but I liked the name :-) ) and ended up buying 3 bottles from Blue Mountain. They had the nicest sales lady, which just goes to show that customer service really does matter! We're always on the alert as to how we're being treated since we both work in customer service. When someone impresses us, we react! I got Bri's Blush, which I'd had before, and Mountain Frost. Bup got a Merlot.

My one milkshake of the year is safely tucked away in my belly. I'm not a milkshake person for a lot of reasons, mainly that I'd rather eat than drink. Because the dairy industry has a lot of issues, I try not to consume a lot of excess dairy anymore. Ice cream and cheese are still on the list of loves, though! I just look for sustainably raised and hormone free dairy products and we drink Almond Breeze in place of milk. If you haven't tried it, it's delicious and it doesn't spoil if you don't use it within a week. Thank goodness for that!

We drank our shakes while watching Farm Show's "Got Talent." The one girl was in 3rd grade and she was excellent on the violin! Then we got a few more goodies to bring home at the food court and headed out. After all those snacks and no real food my stomach wasn't super happy with me but we looked around the food court and couldn't find anything else we wanted. I needed something fresh. On the way back to the car I realized I should've gotten an apple but it was too late.

We stopped to visit our friend's new puppy, Lexus, on the way home. Isn't she a cutie? I'm a cat person, but this little pup has a spot in my heart!


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