January 15, 2011

Free Time?

This is what football looks like at our house.

Or at least dinner during the Steelers game.

Homemade baked beans, hummus, a big salad, and beer. Mine with apple slices instead of oranges. Still delicious!

And this is what the Bup's day off looked like.

I got home and found him doing this in the basement.

So I brought a glass down and joined him.

I have a new love for rice noodles! I guess I should've broken them up a little before I cooked them though... 

We had Pho Soup for dinner. It was delicious, quick and light. Thanks for the recipe Mama Pea!


1 comment:

  1. I had no idea you had a blog! But once I saw the contents, the topic did not surprise me! I've been doing a good amount of cooking this year for the house, so I might steal some of your ideas!!


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