January 24, 2011

Thawing out

We spent yesterday driving up to Vermont to ski for the week. At home, the thermometer in the van said 16. It dropped, degree by degree, to a beautiful low of -6. It may have blinked lower when we weren't looking. 

This morning we dressed in a suitcase full of clothes and headed out to ski. In case you're interested, that included 3 pairs of long underwear/pants and 6 tops, wool sweater, underarmour and a fleece included. Before the ski pants and jacket. I was feeling like a marshmallow.

The first time we checked the thermometer it was -20.

It got up to -2. Whew, that was a relief. It was almost balmy!

So tonight we're having chili. Ahhhh...  I think I can feel my toes again.


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