January 19, 2011

A Quick Visit

On Sunday we went to visit our aunt down near Baltimore. That's Shea, her kitty. As usual, this involved the Bup helping with some handy-man work around the house and us all going to Trader Joe's, my all-time favorite grocery store! This time around we tried a new grocery store, Roots Market. They sell whole, natural foods, mostly organic and local, and are socially and environmentally responsible. I loved the selection and variety.

For lunch, we went to their partner restaurant, Great Sage. They serve vegan food and bill themselves as "Organic Green Cuisine." I wanted to try EVERYTHING. I got the Roasted Vegetable Wrap. It had eggplant, sweet potato, hummus, and plenty of other delicious veggies inside. I wasn't excited about the chips, but the wrap was so filling I didn't need a side. Plus we shared an order of the Almost Raw Vietnamese Spring Rolls. They were so good that they were gone before I got a picture. And they came with peanut dipping sauce. I may or may not have licked the bowl clean... :-)

The Bup got the Great Sage Chili and Brown Rice with Fresh-Baked Cornbread. Talk about a HUGE bowl of food! He was happy.

Aunt Connie got the Thai 'Chicken' Salad. It had soba noodles mixed in with the veggies. It was her first experience with chicken-that-isn't-from-an-animal and she enjoyed it. We joked about Tofurky and whether this should be call Toficken. Bad joke, I know.

A lot of people shy away when they hear 'meat substitute.' The Bup and I have tried many varieties. The only product we've tried that is 99% identical to meat is the Smart Grounds Original Veggie Protein Crumbles. We've made soups, sloppy joes, and taco salad, all with great success. Our other standby is Tofurky for sandwiches. Deli meat has too many issues that I won't go into. But Tofuky is a great substitute.

I wish there were restaurants like this in our area!


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