November 14, 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Review

My Vegan Cuts Snack Box arrived a couple weeks ago! It was a one of the better ones...what's not to love when it includes chocolate?

Despite being excited about the chocolate, the first things I tried were the fruit snacks & sour beans. Both are made by Yum Earth Organics. I wasn't in love with the banana flavor, but the rest were really good. As far as fruit snacks go, these are a great choice. All of their products are organic, contain no artificial dyes, are allergen friendly (tree nut-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, fat-free), & most products are vegan, plus they're made with real fruit extracts. Not a bad profile! 

I liked the sour beans better than the fruit snacks - I don't usually go for fruity candy (chocolate for me, please!), when I do, I love sour. These would be fun for an Easter basket, since they're tons better for you than jelly beans, plus they have the fun addition of being sour.

I was also impressed with these crackers. They're lighter than most multi-grain crackers, but not lacking in flavor. I think the reason they're less dense is because they don't use wheat (they're gluten free). They were good on their own & also good with with hummus. Crunchmaster, the company who makes these, is verified GMO free. Apparently, they just released their line at Wal-Mart, so these should be fairly easy to find for most people.

This was good...VERY good. Sooooo much better than just about any pb chocolate I've ever had! It's hard to describe the texture. The peanut butter is super creamy & melts in your mouth, but there's also a crunch from the toasted rice that's in it. I wanted more! Rescue Chocolate gives 100% of its profits to animal rescue, which is awesome! Plus they're organic, fair trade, vegan, & kosher. All that, plus delicious. Yum!

I originally thought I'd dip these lentil chips into hummus, but ended up eating them on their own. Mediterranean Snacks makes these gluten free chips that are made with lentils & beans instead of wheat or corn. They come in a variety of flavors & this cracked pepper version was good. They reminded me of pita chips, but thinner & lighter. While chips aren't a super healthy snack, these are better for you than pita or tortilla chips. I think they'd pair well with hummus, salsa, or an artichoke dip, but I did enjoy them on their own, too.

I haven't tried this yet, but have had RawSnacks bars in the past & love them. So much flavor! Can't wait to have this one...I'm saving it for a special occasion. Not sure what that'll be yet!

If you want to try any of these delicious snacks for yourself, Vegan Cuts has them all on their website! Try one or a Snack Box of your own!

Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links. That means that if you choose to purchase a box or an item from Vegan Cuts, I will make a small amount due to your purchase. All opinions are my own, with no compensation from those companies. Thanks for the support to both Vegan Cuts & me.


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