May 30, 2011

Busy Days

I haven't been posting as frequently because I've been busy for the last few days. Weeks, really.

Here's some highlights of what I've been up to:

Celebrating at Ashley's bridal shower! Congrats Ash! <3

Eating lots of guacamole. Mmmmm...

Making lots of cake pops!

These were one of many trial runs (yellow cake + pb icing + milk choc coating). The real deal comes this week - we have to make sure they're sale ready!

Eating this pizza...

...and this pizza. It was tough to decide which was best, but the winner was the white asparagus version. Must be spring!

Dealing with a seriously out-of-control garden. The strawberries are finally turning red!

Spending as much time as possible with him. <3

Celebrating Tiffany's birthday with food, drinks, & fire! Happy birthday Tiffy, we love you!

And last but not least, drinking these bursts of sunshine!
*2 parts OJ, 1 part Orange Vodka, 1 part Triple Sec, 1 orange*


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