May 31, 2011

Our Garden, Part 4

All the rain we had last week was like steroids for our garden!

The strawberries are growing and are starting to turn a rosy red. The local farm market is planning on having u-pick strawberries in early June, so I'm hoping ours are ready about the same time.

Mom gave me these cauliflower plants and they're more than 3 times their original size. The seeds from last years tomatoes survived the winter and are sending up baby tomato plants in the same area. An unknown variety of squash/melon is creeping up, too.

Our sugar peas are too tall for the fence we gave them to climb. Except for the closer end where the rabbits nibbled them off - those shoots are coming along, but they're not as tall yet.

Zucchini!!! This might be what I'm most looking forward to. I love it on the grill, in bread, with pirogies, sauteed, baked, made into lasagna; every possible way, I love zucchini!

It's only the end of May and we're already harvesting! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Carissa! I want a garden!! My friend planted zucchini and is having a tough time getting it to grow :(
    Yours is a success!


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