June 19, 2011

Brewery Stops

Aunt Beth came to visit! She comes from the West coast once a year and I always try to have a day off so that she, Mom, and I can spend it together.

This year we decided to try some of the local breweries. We started at Troegs, where we got the Sample Tray. It was a decent amount of beer for $7, plus we got to try one other that they were test driving.

This was the Scratch Beer of the day. It was yummy!

Aunt Beth & Mom enjoyed their samples while I took some pictures.

I loved all the windows around the room that let us see into the factory part where they were packaging the beer bottles. They only have tours on Saturdays so we just enjoyed our samples.

From lightest on around, we tasted Sunshine Pils, Pale Ale (my least fave), Dreamweaver Wheat (it reminded us of birch beer...yum!), Hopback Amber, Troegenator, Java Head Stout, and Double Bock (in center). Despite how differing our beer tastebuds are, we all agreed that our favorite was the one to the right of the center beer, the Troegenator.

I'm surprising myself each time I sample beer. The more I drink it, the more I enjoy some of the darker beers. The basket of pretzels with mustard was perfect as a palate cleanser between samples.

We had some time to kill before going to the farmer's market, so we stopped at another brewery. The Lancaster Brewing Company recently opened a restaurant in the Harrisburg area.

This was a restaurant and bar, not a brewery, but they still had all their beers on tap for customers to sample.

We split the sampler again, this time with 11 5oz. beers total. 
Strawberry Wheat - great berry taste, very refreshing
Hop Hog
Milk Stout
Amish Four Grain - the description made me think this would be perfect for horses :-)
Fest Beer: Amber Lager
Gold Star Pilsner
Celtic Rose - Mom really liked this but I wasn't a big fan
Hefe Weizen
Lancaster Lager
Country Cream Ale - I liked this a lot!

The bartender was nice enough to also let us sample the Oktoberfest, a seasonal beer. He had a case left and they were no longer offering it at the bar, so he was giving away samples.

It was fun to spend the day with my aunt and mom sampling beer!

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  1. You're making me crave beer! Not a good thing for a preggo! :-) Looks like a fun time.


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