June 23, 2011

It's New To Me

Sorry about the lack of posts this week! I'm adjusting to a new job and with that came a new schedule. And lots of iced coffee!

My days used to look like this:
5:33am  Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast
6:30am-2:30pm Work
3pm-5pm Exercise & Prep Dinner
5:30pm-ish Eat dinner
Evening stuff
9:30pm Bedtime!

Now my days are different!
6:30am Wake up, exercise, get ready, eat breakfast
8:30am-5pm Work
5:30pm Get home and figure out dinner/cook dinner/eat dinner
11pm Bedtime!

Just shifting things a few hours is going to take some getting used to.

I think in the end I'm going to like the new schedule and the new job, but I don't feel like I have as much time to be creative in the kitchen. Hopefully I adjust quickly!

We started off on Monday by grilling portobello mushroom cap sandwiches with a lemon marinade. No pictures, but I do have a recipe at the end of the post for you! These were almost as good as the Portobello Reubens!

On Tuesday, we had Creamy Tomato Soup, which we made before and just love. This time I altered it slightly by adding 1/3 cup of fresh basil. Yummy!

Last night I hit my plateau. I got home from work and crashed with a glass of wine. :-)  And then I decided that we should have salad and popcorn for dinner, so we did! It was THE BEST POPCORN I've ever had. Try it. It makes a perfect dinner.

Tonight is one of my friends from high school's bachelorette party! Then tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner, Saturday is the wedding, and Sunday we leave for a week at the beach in North Carolina. Busy, busy! I'm going to try to post while I'm away; beach pictures are always gorgeous!

Lemony Marinade
Serves 2
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
splash of balsalmic vinegar
pinch of Italian seasoning

Zest and juice the lemon half, combining both zest and juice in a bowl. Add remaining ingredients and whisk until combined. Brush over veggies while grilling. Be sure to coat them on both sides, repeating each time you turn over the veggies.

Lemony Marinade on FoodistaLemony Marinade


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